Kelly Bootcut Slimming Pant

$99.00 USD

Ref: #672
Product: Slimming Pant
Base Fabric: Millenium
Composition: 75% RAYON / 21% NYLON / 4% SPANDEX
Color: Black

Fit: Bootcut


There is a time when elegance rhymes with usefulness. These slimming pants combine everything needed by a professional woman.

For a day at the office or in a soirée. feel what stylishness and gracility truly means. With belt loops and a bootcut, this is the perfect black slimming pants for any woman. There’s no way you can go wrong with the Kelly Bootcut Slimming Pant.

Made from 75% rayon, 21% nylon and 4% spandex blend, these slimming pants are super easy to clean !

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