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Our skirts are an essential item for any closet.  They combine the perfect fit with the perfect prints. Our pencil skirts go with everything and flatter all body types! Whether you’re looking for an elegant or casual look, we have a skirt for the occasion. Find your perfect skirt at Margaret M’s online shop.

Key features of our pencil skirts: colors, fabrics and patterns.

Thanks to our talented team of graphic artists and designers, we are able to offer a rich and varied collection of skirts in exclusive patterns and prints. The revolutionary fabrics used in the Margaret M pencil skirts contain memory stretch that hold your body in just the right places. To ensure top quality we make sure that all of our garments are treated for shrinking and softness.

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With Margaret M you can shop for skirts from the comfort of home. We make it easy for you to try our skirts with our free shipping and free returns policy.

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Pencil Skirts
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Margaret M Pencil Skirts

We believe that every modern woman should own a pencil skirt. Why? Because there is nothing that makes a woman look as good as a pencil skirt. At Margaret M, we have created a skirt that combines versatility, quality, and a perfect fit for every body type. Whenever we work on new skirts to add to our collections, here are the three key elements that we keep in mind:

  • Versatility, so you can easily mix-and-match outfits;
  • Materials of superior quality, so your skirt is as comfortable as it is easy to care for;
  • And finally, a fit for all.

The days of picking between being comfortable in your skirts and being fashionable are over. Our life-changing pencil skirts are made of a material that provides you with both comfort and style. We have created an impressive list of patterns so you can easily wear our skirts for any occasion.

At Margaret M, we always strive to improve our skirts and create more styles to fit every woman’s tastes,  because each and every woman is unique. After years of passionate hard work, we’ve finally created what we believe to be the perfect pencil skirt collection. It’s with pride that we can say we have reached our goal by creating a skirt that is both comfortable and fashionable.

You don’t have to take our word for it. just read the numerous positive reviews on our Facebook page as well as our other social media sites! Shop with us today and wear our pencil skirts with pride. We believe that once you try one on, it’ll be love at first fit! There are so many ways to wear a pencil skirt fashionably that we are sure you won’t be able to live without one once you try it on! Furthermore, all of our skirts come with what we believe to be the best tummy tuck control available on the market. Treat yourself to a skirt that will make you look just as stylish as it will make you feel comfortable! Our revolutionary pencil skirts will change the way you see skirts forever. If you wanted to look a couple of sizes thinner, our form-fitting skirts are exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

It’s time for you to create your perfect look with our pencil skirts. Visit our shop today to pick your favorite! We’re convinced you will find one that’s perfect for you!


Why Choose Margaret M’s Pencil Skirts

A Style for Every Woman

Our team of designers is driven by a passion for fashion, which inspires themcreate up to 50 exclusive prints a season! We can confidently say that we have a style for every modern woman. Our incredible pencil skirts can be worn for any and all occasions and you will always look your best. If you were looking for a skirt that you could wear for both a romantic dinner and a business meeting with colleagues, our pencil skirts are exactly what you’re looking for! We assure you that our skirts will quickly become a wardrobe staple!


The Highest Quality Standards

Fashion is not only a question of looks and style. It’s also all about quality, which is why our skirts are treated for shrinkage and softness. Our high-quality standards will revolutionize the way you wear skirts. They’re made from the best memory stretch materials to hold your body in just the right places and to nicely tuck that tummy as well as shape your hips and thighs. Your belly, hips, and thighs will never look as good as they do in our skirts!

With our memory stretch material and tummy tuck, you can forget about that belly bump. The fabric is made to flatten your belly and make you look a couple of sizes thinner!


The Perfect Fit for All Body Types

No matter your body type, we have a pencil skirt for you. All women can own a Margaret M skirt and wear it with pride! We have created an impressive number of patterns and styles, and we use several colors that are sure to perfectly complement the rest of your wardrobe. Furthermore, if you have a blouse or shirt that can’t be paired easily, we are convinced our pencil skirts are the solution you’ve been waiting for! Get that neglected blouse out of the back of your closet and show it off with our miraculous skirts!

We believe that no woman should have to sacrifice style for comfort. It’s time for you to be as gorgeous as you always wanted to be and to treat yourself to a timeless look with a life-changing Margaret M pencil skirt! You deserve it!


We offer free shipping!

Done with shopping in boutiques and coming home disappointed? We understand,  which is why we offer free shipping! You can try our pencil skirts in the comfort of your home and if they aren’t the perfect fit you were expecting, you can return them for free! Our free shipping and return policy mean you can finally kiss that shopping frustration goodbye!

If you have any questions or comments about our pencil skirts, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at +1 (514) 385-3122 or by email at A member of our team will gladly take your call and answer all of your questions!

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