Our skirts are a staple for any closet; perfect fit combined with perfect prints. They go with just about anything!

Pencil Skirt: A Skirt for Every Occasion

“Wow!” is a standard reaction from someone trying our skirts for the first time.

“I want one!” are words you’ll hear a lot from people seeing you in your skirt for the first time, and it’s no wonder.

Comfortable, elegant and stylish, our specially designed pencil skirts are the go-to skirts for many occasions: days at the office, cocktail hour on the terrace or chic dining.

Made from only the best material, our skirts have a modest back slit to allow you all the movement you need. 

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Katie Black Pencil Skirt
Katie Dot Pencil Skirt
Katie Fuchsia Pencil Skirt
Katie Medallion Pencil Skirt
Katie Midnight Blue Diamond Pencil Skirt
Katie Mini Square Pencil Skirt
Navy diamond pencil skirt
Katie Navy Pencil Skirt
Katie Ponte Black Pencil Skirt
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