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Plus size summer must have for women

Who dared to say that female beauty did not go beyond 44? Voluptuous woman, your curves inspire poets and turn heads. With the arrival of sunny days, the atmosphere is light and invites to relax. Barbeque evenings, swimming pool, hikes. Everything invites you to leave your home and dress lightly. 

With these few plus sizes must-have for summer, you will be the mermaid of the beaches, the diva of open-air evenings, the queen of the podiums. Doubtful? Take a look at this list of articles made for curvy women.

1) The slimming pants

It's summer, it's hot and no doubt that the desire to escape will become part of your daily life. On such occasions, what better ally than pants to combine comfort and elegance?

Afraid that it does not suit your plus size body shapes, for sure, you have never heard of slimming pants.

Slimming pants: essential pants for curvy women

Often shunned by the round, the pants can, however, flatter the voluptuous silhouettes if it is well chosen. Too wide, it adds volume and gives a "bag" effect. Too tight, it highlights bulges, stretch marks, and other disgraces.

Fortunately, the fashion industry has heard complaints of curvy women and created the slimming pants. How to describe it in a few words? It is a must-have for curvy women: it sheathes the silhouette, refines it, and offers unparalleled comfort.

More than just clothing, slimming pants are a real Ali Baba cave. In the eyes of many gorgeous women, Margaret M slimming pants is the benchmark for kind.

Why? This collection specially created for women with shapes has undeniable advantages:

  • Its versatility allows it to be suitable for outings with friends as well as for more formal occasions;
  • The fineness of its materials makes the slimming pant comfortable to wear in all circumstances;
  • It adapts to all body shapes.

With an abdominal fold, designed in an elastic material, the Margaret M slimming pants will follow you in all your adventures. We only live once. Don't let a bad choice of pants ruin your summer!

2) The shorts

Immediately silence the bad voices who say that a curvy woman should not wear shorts! With the legs you have, not showing them would be a crime of lese-majesty.

Yes, curvy girls can wear shorts. And if they are well-chosen, they wake up the fatal women who sleep in each of them.

What shorts to wear when you have curves?

Do not overdo it. Even if your self-confidence is at its peak, the micro shorts are not really appropriate. Do not flog yourself. This type of shorts goes to almost nobody and tends to be vulgar.

Be careful not to go too much in the other direction. It is not because you are a generous woman that you should choose too loose shorts. Let it be clear: plus size women and loose clothing don't go together.

At this point, you must be asking yourself a crucial question: what shorts do you wear when you are curvy? Margaret M has found the answer to this question for a very long time.

In its collection of special round women's shorts, you will find panties made to enhance your voluptuous curves. Their secret? A high waist that allows you to shape your belly and a length designed to make your figure slimmer.

Floral, plain or artistic, the shorts by Margaret M adapt to your needs like no other.

Do you want to take advantage of the summer to show off your legs? To sunbathe your legs after the persistence of winter? Do not think twice: you need shorts and especially Margaret M shorts.

Why trust Margaret M?

A Canadian brand, Margaret M places the modern woman at the center of her concerns. In the 21st century, being a woman has never been so difficult. Between comfort and elegance, young ladies are often required to make a choice.

Margaret M doesn't hear it that way. Its creed: "Women today have the right to feel good, to look beautiful with ease and without giving up on their style".

For some, these are just words. For Margaret M, it's a life's mission that deserves to be accomplished. More motivated than ever, the brand strives to create pieces so comfortable that they will become must-have for all curvy women.

In charge of the design and production of her items, Margaret M does not skimp on the quality of her clothes. From slimming pants with unique designs to all-terrain shorts, Margaret M gives confidence to women who had lost the taste for fashion.

Just because you wear more than size 40 does not mean that you have to dress out of spite. Every human being has the right to feel good about himself and his clothes. And the fact that you wear 46, 48 or 52 does not change that.

Why let a number determine your state of mind? With Margaret M, curvy women (finally) have a wardrobe that pleases them.

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4 incredible ways to wear shorts at the office

4 incredible ways to wear shorts at the office

Just because we're in quarantine doesn't mean we shouldn't think about having style. Besides, summer's coming up and we'll soon be able to get out of our cave. So it's time to think about our summer wardrobe, and shorts are this year's award-winning garment.

Whether it's for summer outings, playing sports or going to the beach, the shorts are very practical when it's hot. But what about dress shorts for our outings in the city or for the office? Is it simply banned or can it be tolerated if it's so well designed? We'll do a little styling tune-up for you!

Slimming shorts do exist!

First point to light up: for all sorts of reasons, not all women are comfortable wearing shorts. By "shorts", we mean short panties, cut at the thigh level. It is obvious that wearing this type of clothing automatically emphasizes our legs and thighs. 

Also, rubbing your thighs while walking can cause irritation for some. We must first choose what suits us and be comfortable with our choices. But here are a few solutions that could allow you to add one more piece of clothing to your outfits.

  1. Choosing the right length

The lengths of shorts vary. To adopt a more dressy style, a length between mid-thigh and slightly above the knee is preferred, commonly known as Bermuda shorts.

As for the question of whether you can wear mid-thigh shorts to work (the suit shorts are a summer trend!), you have to be careful: they are inappropriate in many cases. It's easier to wear a Bermuda shorts suit at the office if you like the idea.

  1. Loose shorts

Loose shorts will give the impression of a thinner leg: for a more refined urban style, avoid very short and tight shorts.

  1. Shorts + high heels to lengthen the silhouette

We lengthen the silhouette and add chic to our outfit with a shoe or high-heeled sandal.

It's wrong to pretend that shorts are only for size 0 and tall thin people. It's all about leg length compared to the length of the shorts: if you like your legs, whether they're thin, curved or muscular, shorts are great for showing them off. You can also opt for a wider heel, which will definitely be more comfortable than a stiletto heel.

  1. With a jacket

Finally, the idea of transforming this garment commonly used for leisure into chic and urban clothing is rather daring, and downright trendy. For outings, we combine it with a jacket and more formal clothes. Try a leather version with a pastel jacket for a chic, urban look. Some celebrities even wear it on red carpets!

Jeremie Abbou
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plus size

7 plus size fashion tips for spring outfits

Are you ready for spring? The much-awaited spring has sprung. It's time to switch your look and style according to the seasonality. Show off your curves and create a stylish look that will turn heads. If you are one of those, struggling to find your spring fashion style, we have prepared a list of tips to spice up your look. Get ready to spruce up your spring wardrobe with a confident and comfortable fashion collection that will accentuate your body type and highlight your curves. 

1. Find the right size

One of the key and basic plus size fashion tip is to find out what size of clothing fits your body the best. Before you estimate based on past shopping experiences or your most comfortable collection from XYZ store, understand that depending on stores and clothing, the sizes may differ. If you are shopping online for plus size fashion, know your bust, waist and low-hip size to find something closer to your body size. 

2. Consider fashion basics

Dress up for any occasion with neutral colour dress or jumpsuit that accentuates your curves. Spruce up your spring look with a trendy cape-blazer. This creates a polished stylish look that's perfect for your work as well as for an evening dinner gathering. If you have some fashion basics, it's always easy to add spring colours and create a look that can change according to the season with blazers and jackets. Cape-blazer is unquestionable a must-have for plus size fashionista. 

3. Complete your look with a wide belt

This fashion accessory is a must-have for every plus size wardrobe. Complete your everyday trendy look with a nice wide belt that will enhance your curve and make you look slimmer. 

4. Spring is all about colours

As a plus-size fashion tip for spring outfits, don't forget to experiment with fabrics and colours that will make you shine. Neutral colours are a basic necessity for any wardrobe, but with spring outfits, always venture beyond black and beige. Add colours that will make you look slimmer. A spring ensemble is flattering with bright colours with printed accents. Read this interesting article to find out what colors are trending in Spring of 2020.

5. Get patterned slimming pants

Patterned slimming pants are a great choice for plus size fashionistas. Pair it with a colorful top and high heel to look chic and fashionable. This spring outfit is a great choice for work attire. 

6. Oversized blazers must be on your list of favorites

We agree oversized blazers were 80's and 90's fashion staple. But the best always come back in trend for a reason. Pair your colorful oversized blazer with fitted skinny leg pants or jeans to add balance. If you are looking to accentuate your curves further, add a wide belt to divide your body proportionally. This spring outfit is sure to make you look confident. 

7. Floral dresses and flowy blouses are highly desirable spring outfits

Get into the spirit of spring, add a floral print maxi dress to your wardrobe collection and smash the look with a denim jacket layer. For any plus size body type, you can never go wrong with an A-line, flared, shift, wrap, bodycon, or slip dress with floral pattern. Another amazing spring fashion tip is to get a flowy floral blouse and tuck it into your jeans to define your gorgeous curves.

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clothes on sale

What trending clothes are on sale now?

Spring has come, and with the good weather coming, it is time to replenish the wardrobe. What could be better than shopping for clothes on sale! Starting your shopping online by finding clothes at reduced prices is a good way to buy more for less! We have selected our favorites from the current sales for your enjoyment, but you can also discover all our women's clothing on sale.

Our favorite clothes on sale at Margaret M

Upgrade your style at work with our A-line Emily knit skirt with thin stripes. Designed with soft fabric that highly crease-resistant, this skirt is an amazing choice for formal wear. You could easily pair it up with a plain white blouse for work and maybe add some ruffles for the evening. 

Another great pick during our women's clothing sale is a Marlie Beige Plaid Slimming Pant. With tummy tuck feature, these slimming pants will help you enhance your figure and make you look comfortable in the latest trend. Accentuate your curves and create a figure-flattering look with these stunning slimming pants. 

marlie beige

Since you are picking great deals and revamping your fashion selection, consider Marlie Tribal Slimming Pants too. These patterned slimming pants give you an illusion of a long slender look. If you are looking for slimming pants that can be worn for your everyday needs, these pants are what you have been always looking for. You could mix and match your look for work and wear them in any setting to look stunning. 

Marlie Tribal Slimming Pants

Katie Leaf Printed Pencil Skirt is something you can live in. Not often do you find such good deals in figure-flattering slimming skirts. With a featured waistband, the fabric used on this skirt is specially treated for softness. 

Katie Leaf Printed Pencil Skirt

Get ready for summer with Chloe Cobalt Lace Short from Margaret M. This classic shorts with lace detail will make you stand out amongst the crowd. You can now show off your long beautiful legs in stunning shorts, that also come with slimming waistband. 

Chloe Cobalt Lace Short

Finally, one of our absolute favorites is the Emily Knit Denim Skirt. This fashionably, comfortable denim skirts are great as everyday wear. 

Emily Knit Denim Skirt.


That's not all, we have plenty more options in women's clothing on sale to shop from. Made from exclusive slimming fabric, all of the above embodies comfort and style. Start shopping online with Margaret M and enjoy free delivery on all orders. 


Get a bang for your buck with Margaret M 


This sale season, you don't have to dole out more cash to shop for your favorites fashion. Select your wardrobe essentials without breaking your budget. Find great deals and savings up to 30% off wardrobe-essentials. Whether you are looking for a denim slimming pant or a formal pencil skirt, choose from our women's sale and clearance collection. 


Get ready to snap up the latest trend that comfortable! Shop online to get good deals on women's clothing from Margaret M with free delivery to your doorstep.

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10 Plus-size models that we just love to see on Instagram

10 Plus-size models that we just love to see on Instagram

Scrolling through Instagram for somebody-positive motivation? Then you should take a quick minute to admire these plus-size models on Instagram. These inspiring women deliver great outfit ideas for plus-size models. Get excited for a shopping adventure inspired by these plus-size influencers on Instagram. We have gathered a list of body-positive, plus-size models on Instagram that you must follow. 

1. Jada Sezer

In 2018, Jada Sezer gained her reputation after she ran London marathon in just her underwear to prove that fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. She is an absolute inspiration for anyone looking for some curvy motivation. As a content creator on Instagram, her tremendous fashion and trendy outfits are totally worth checking out. 


2. Lauren Nicole

Lauren is renowned on Instagram as an influencer and size model. She is always up for a new fashion challenge with her trendy outfits. If you are looking for some style tips and skincare, check out her blog for more inspiration. https://www.fashionkiller.co.uk/


3. Tess Holliday

As one of the top body positive influencers, Tess is highly passionate about fashion and female empowerment. Her stories and posts truly celebrate everybody type and colour. She is a fashion influencer and blogger that every upcoming plus-size model must follow on Instagram. 


4. Jessica Torres

Jessica is not just limited to Instagram; she is a co-host of the Fat Girls Club podcast and has her own YouTube channel to motivate plus-size ladies. Whether in a bikini or a flowy dress, Jessica showcases confidence like no other model. Follow her on Instagram and get ready to uplift your fashion. 


5. Sonny Turner

This effortlessly stylish plus-size model is all about creating awareness on #BeautyBeyondSize. She does not shy away from discussing the real hassles of plus-size shopping, especially with bikinis. As an outspoken plus-size model, Sonny Turner loves travelling and fashion. 


6. Molly Clutts

For the love of fashion that comes in all sizes, she is an absolute lover of femininity and floral designs. She loves experimenting with her looks and doesn't refrain herself from using patterns. Molly is based out of Dallas and is a true trendsetter. 


7. Chloe in Curve

Chloe Elliott is not just a plus-size fashion influencer on Instagram, she is also a stylist and an award-winning Fashion Influencer of the Year. Her confident look motivates many curvy ladies to not run away from fashion, instead create a look that's all about self-love.  


8. Rae Everyday

As a blogger and Curve model based out of Los Angeles, Raeann Langas has an amazing knowledge of fashion. Follow her posts on Instagram and you are sure to up your fashion game in no time. She encourages women to stay body positive and admire every curve that adorns their body. 


9. Alex Michael May

Take fashion inspiration for plus-size women from Alex's Instagram. Her IGTV videos motivate women to never stay away from colours and prints. She redefines fashion rules for curvy women. 


10. Naomi Shimada

Scroll through Naomi's Instagram and you'll instantly fall in love with her fashion sense. As an inspiring plus-size model, she has been featured in vogue. 

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Shop local : Slimming Pants made in Canada

Shop local : Slimming Pants made in Canada

Who doesn't want to look slimmer with smoother curves? And who wants to shop local by buying clothes made in Canada? Well, Margaret M can help you achieve those goals with our all-new trendy and comfortable slimming pants for women made in Canada. As one of the top coveted list of wardrobe essentials, these slimming pants are great for every occasion

Margaret M's mission was to contribute to the development of the country a long time ago. Absolutely all clothing is made in Canada, and meet all Canadian healthy and safety standards. By buying local and making sure you choose to clothes made in Canada, you make sure to contribute to your country as well, by encouraging local businesses and making sure to contribute to the country's jobs and economy. Finally, local purchasing also makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint linked to inter-country transport. All good reasons to buy made in Canada!

Let’s talk about this slimming pants made in Canada! Whether you are looking to dress up in formal wear for work or casual wear for a night out with your friends, these slimming pants will add a touch of fashion, versatility along with comfort in your everyday wear. From capris to wide-leg slimming pants, you'll find tons of different styles and patterns to choose from. 

Why are slimming pants a wardrobe essential? 

Here are some key benefits of considering slimming pants from Margaret M in your shopping cart the next time. 

  1. One of the best plus size clothing addition you'll ever have in your wardrobe. With its tummy tuck feature, these pants make you look 10 pounds slimmer than you already are. 

  1. These slimming pants are all about the perfect fit, hence you don't need to be layered with shapewear pieces. 

  1. Unlike all the other regular pants, theses one is created with memory stretch material to ensure comfort is not compromised over a flattering figure and makes you look your best at all times. 

  1. They are curve-hugging and butt enhancing, that gives your figure a curvaceous look you have always desired.   

Slimming pants in style

With Margaret M, you'll never run of choice in patterns, colors, and style in slimming pants. These are some of the popular styles you may consider for your next shopping spree: 

  • Straight-leg pants: They are compatible with all body types, giving you a uniform width. If your concern areas are wide hips and heavy thighs, this pant selection will do the magic for you.
  • Boot cut pants: Similar to straight-cut slimming pants, these pants are a traditional fit too. Look longer, leaner and curvy.
  • Skinny pants: This style of slimming pants are a great choice for women with a svelte figure.
  • Cropped pants: A perfect choice for summers, cropped pants are great for petite body types. If you are short, we recommend you stay away from this style, because they make you look shorter than you already may be. 

Why Margaret M?

As fashion experts, Margaret M has created a revolutionary fashion breakthrough with our slimming pants. High quality and easy-care fabric create a beautiful fit around your curves creating a flattering look. Check out our tremendous collection of slimming pants that comes in stunning colors, patterns, and style. It's your opportunity to create different looks for every occasion. For instance, Marlie Sage Blue Slimming Pant from our collection can be paired with a formal white top to create a formal look and you could switch it up with a beige peplum top for an evening out. It's that simple! There's no shortage of style tricks with slimming pants. 

Move over traditional slacks and check out our amazing collection of slimming pants designed specifically to show off your curves. Get dressed to impress with our undeniably comfortable slimming pants from Margaret M. 

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slim fit work pants

Slim Fit Work Pants that fit for you

A wise man once said you need to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. When you start with your work life, always dress to impress. For some, getting dressed for work is a real struggle. Whether your work dress code is business casual or fully formals, you'll need slim fit work pants in your wardrobe that you can depend on. 

As fashion experts, we have some recommendations to help you put together a well-curated work wardrobe. There's no denying that finding the perfect pair of slim fit work pants can be a little difficult, but if you know your size, it's definitely a smooth ride from there. 

Must have slim fit pants 

We have put together some interesting tips and style tricks to help you get well-dress and well-groomed to impress your colleagues and clients. These slim fit work pants are wardrobe-essentials. 

  1. Always have a black slim-fit pant in your wardrobe as a go-to solution. Black pants are like a professional uniform for corporates. 

    Create your own unique style with the help of comfortable and timeless black slim-fit pants. They can be easily paired with a striped blouse or a block-colored top. This stress-free combination is simply perfect for confusing fashion days. 

  2. Get a plaid patterned slim fit work pants for excellent shape retention. Look professional and stay comfortable with plaid patterns. You can pair it with a neutral-colored top. 

  3. It's important to shop for slim fit pants that are comfortable and flexible in feel and enhances your look with a tailored fit. If you haven't already considered Marlie Beige Slimming Pant, you must now. This classic color and comfortable memory stretch material make it essential. 

  4. Ankle-length slim fit work pants are our next popular recommendation. They are a great option to survive comfortably through your daily 9-to-5 job. These fully functional slim fit work pants come in different go-to shades and styles, that you can choose from. You can easily make it appropriate for corporate settings with a button-down blouse too. 

  5. Slightly flared legs, a fitted silhouette, and crease-resistant material make a bootcut slimming pant an absolute favorite amongst fashionistas. They not only make you look taller and slender but also adds an elegant look that you need for a professional woman. 

  6. On a Friday, when you are most tempted to dress casual to work, we recommend you to pick a denim slimming pant. Look your best with this weekend workwear. This style of slim fit work pants, not only gives you a denim look without compromising on your professional appearance but also enhances your figure. 

Slim fit pants, a great choice for workplace

When shopping for professional wear, comfort is a key goal to have. Especially because, it's an attire you have to adorn for over eight hours on a given day. Slim fit work pants are undoubtedly a great choice to look your most fabulous self at work. They are comfortable, yet functional professional wear created with stretch material.

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Top 15 Plus Size Work Pants

Top 15 Plus Size Work Pants

Forget fabric and quality, plus size women often find it even more difficult to find a pair of work pants with a perfect fit. Most times, curvaceous women settle for baggy dresses and skirts as work attire. In a corporate atmosphere, you need to dress your best. With many brands acknowledging plus size women, you no longer have to restrict yourself or get squeezed up in a dress. Get hold of the perfect-fitting plus size work pants and books your confidence in appearance. These pants are designed to impress your clients and colleagues, meetings and beyond. To help you get started with a shopping spree, we have compiled a list of top 15 brands to shop for your well fitted plus size work pants.

Styles to consider

Before we get to the brands, look for styles and cuts that enhance your figure. For instance, wide-leg plus size pants are a timeless option for work pants. You can pair with heels and a stylish shirt to look professional and stylish. Another key factor to note is that leggings are not work pants. Don't try to style yourself with leggings and a baggy top, they do not work appropriately. Straight-leg pants are the next best thing to consider replacing your leggings collection. With a tummy control panel, these plus size work pants will help you create perfectly proportioned for curves.

While many, online and retail brands are yet to start featuring plus-size workwear, some brands have taken the fashion-forward leap to appreciate all body types. Here are some brands that help you celebrate your sexy feminine curves with a flattering plus-size collection. You no longer have to be restricted in the plus-size world.

Top 15 Brands for Plus Size Work Pants

1.      Margaret M

Plus size work pants from Margaret M are designed for the professional woman. It comes with slimming waistband to make you look slender and enhance your figure. The fabrics used on Margaret M slimming pants are specially treated for softness, washability and crease resistance. If comfort and style are two key factors for your fashion pick, Margaret M tastefully ticks off both those checkboxes. They are fun and on-trend plus size work pants that are a must-have for every wardrobe.

2.      Eloquii

Shop for women's plus size pants from Eloquii. Choose from their wide variety of styles and color selection in plus size work pants. They are both fashionable and cozy. Their office clothing line is well crafted with ultra-soft fabric to create a chic look without compromising on comfort.

3.      Lane Bryant

Make a fashion statement with Lane Bryant plus-size collection designed for working women. Whether you are looking for a pair of plus size work pant or a jumpsuit, you can shop from their different kinds of trendy plus size clothes.

4.      H&M

Although H&M doesn't specialize in plus size clothing like most other brands listed here, they still have a fabulous selection to choose from. Some of their plus size work pants extend beyond size 12 up to 24.

5.      Macy’s

If you are looking for affordable tailored plus size work pants, Macy's is a great shopping choice to consider. With sizes ranging from 14-26, they cater to plus size workwear needs for women. You could either shop online or visit one of their retail stores to pick your favorite.

6.      The Bay

Hudson’s Bay or “The Bay” is a popular shopping destination among Canadians. Check out their fantastic range of plus size options curated exclusively from leading brands in the market. They have an extensive array of clothing line that caters to women of all body types and dresses for all occasions.

7.      City Chic

From basics to workwear, City Chic has an interesting line up of wardrobe-essentials. Their clothing sizes range between 14 to 24 and are an affordable brand too. What's even more fabulous is that they have an exclusive collection that is cut for curves. Get shopping and find your plus size work pants at City Chic.

8.      Reitmans

This Canadian brand has a plethora of options when it comes to plus size workwear. From work-appropriate trousers to cozy jackets, you'll find everything that you need to dress up for the office. Their size ranges up to 38 and is a great shopping destination for plus size hunters.      

9.      Universal Standard

Find everything from size zero to 40 with the universal standard. From affordable basics to classic office pants, mix and match to create your work-appropriate look. With plus size work pants, they feature a wide array of collection that you'll love.

10.  Suzy Shier

Suzy Shier is a popular fashion name in Canada and North America. Their curvy collection caters exclusively to plus size working women. Their diverse and comprehensive collection ranges from activewear to workwear.

11.  Boohoo

Accentuate your curves and create a look that you own with Boohoo plus-size collection. Choose from their broad range of plus size work pants, tops, and jackets collection. With an affordable price range, Boohoo is definitely a great choice to get started with your shopping spree.

12.  ASOS

ASOS has always been promoting a healthy body image. Their impressive collection of plus size workwear ranges over 30 sizes. As a fan favorite or many women, ASOS helps you perfectly style your curves. They have always been trendy and popular labels. Discover women's workwear at ASOS today!

13.  Modcloth

Shop for stylish plus-size work clothes for women at Modcloth. Their trendy and unique collection of work outfits are a perfect addition to your wardrobe favorites!

14.  Avenue

Need new work attire? But finding plus size work pants are getting difficult? Don't worry, try out Avenue to find professional plus size attire that caters to everybody type. At Avenue, sizes go up to 32. Get ready to be dressed professionally!

15.  LOFT

In comparison to most other brands listed here, LOFT is fairly new to the plus-size collection. At LOFT, you'll find plus sizes that range between 16 to 26! Create a comfy and fashionable look for the office. Create classic everyday work styles without worrying about your body style.

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How to choose your plus size pants for work?

How to choose your plus size pants for work?

“You have to dress for the job you want, not the job you have, and you have to start doing the work you want to be doing.” - Austin Kleon

This quote is particularly targeted towards working women of this generation. Stop wearing whatever to work, dress your part and look distinct for your style. The outfit you pick has a lot to do with the confidence you portray.  It can totally be a gamechanger when it comes to work look. For years, plus-size women have tried sidelining their work look by wearing loose matronly suits. Well, you don't have to anymore.

When shopping for clothes, it's not an easy decision to find the perfect fit, fabric, and quality. It's even more difficult if you are trying to rectify your curves or need a plus-size fit. But, thankfully you have Margaret M to rely on. You don't have to break the bank to invest in good looks for work. As fashion experts, we want to help women with curves find the right fit so that you don't have to wear sack-like dresses to work. To help you choose the right plus size pants for work, we have put together a list of fashion recommendations to consider. 

Top 5 Plus Size Pants

  • Straight leg plus size pants

Leggings might be comfortable, but not the right choice to look professional at work. The next best choice is to pick straight-leg pants from Margaret M. All of our slimming pants are created and designed with memory stretch material, to make it comfortable all day long. They are high-rise with tummy tuck feature to help you hide curves and look professional at work. 

  • Look for seam details

These plus size pants are often found without pockets and highlighted seams to strategically distract the fit. These extra sleek slimming pants will not only make you look slim and trim but also accentuate your curves at the right places. 

  • Bootcut dress pants

These ultra-stylish and comfortable bootcut dress pants are high-waisted. They are made to elongate your legs and make you look taller than you already are. These stunning plus size pants are a must-have for every wardrobe. Bootcut dress pants are flattering and they fall nicely around your ankles. You can style it up with a good pair of heels to look trendy to work. 

  • Stretchable crop pants  

High-res crop pants are never going out of fashion. Pick your favorite color in plus size and pair it with heels or flats. They are sure to give your curves a flattering look and slim your look down. 

  • Cigarette plus size trousers

These trousers come with a high-waist and hem. They are ultra-comfortable with the stretch material and gives you a much-deserved chic look for work. They are on-trend and can be paired with a blazer or a blouse with button closure to give the finishing touches to your fashionable look. 

Don’t have to limit yourself to just slimming pants for work, read this interesting article to explore some additional work-friendly options for curvy women

Style Comes in All Sizes

At Margaret M, you'll find all these styles and all the different sizes of slimming pants that make you comfortable to work. Choose from our wide array of collection and dress stylishly. Shop online and get your plus size pants home delivered to your convenience.
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How to choose your next Tummy Tuck slimming pants?

How to choose your next Tummy Tuck slimming pants?

Tummy tuck pants are designed to make you look slimmer and sleeker for every occasion. Whether you are dressing up for work or an event after work, tummy tuck pants will give you the structure and accentuate your waist. Most people think tummy tuck pants might be right and restrain you from being active. Well, that's not the case with Margaret M, our tummy tuck pants are designed for comfort and give you a flattering look. 

Get the right fit

Feel the best self in Margaret M slimming pants that comes with an exclusive feature of the tummy tuck. Designed to hold you in and accentuate your figure in all the right places, these slimming pants are a must-have for every wardrobe.  

Here are some tips to help you pick the right fit and get your next comfortable pair of tummy tuck slimming pants. 

  • If you are new to the universe of slimming pants, we highly recommend you start with a nice pair of long, dark slimming pants. They are an amazing choice to get started with slimming pants, especially because they make you look long and lean. 
  • For women blessed with taller figure needs wide leg, classic slimming pants with a low waist. You could even opt for cropped style pants that showcase your key feature. 
  • Having a shorter figure has many benefits, you have plenty of fashion choices. Stay away from Capri styles, instead pick a straight leg or a boot cut slimming pant. 
  • For a curvy figure, if you are the main concern area is a thick waistline, pick wide-leg pant with cuffs. The higher waistline will show your waistline and lower will make it look unflattering.

Straight-leg pants are a great starting point and is an ideal style for any body type. It creates a straight visual line that can camouflage wide hips and heavy thighs. When choosing the right pair of tummy tuck slimming pants, always ensure quality, comfort and versatility are on top of your priority list. Chicest styles that fit everybody type targeting your trouble spots. Sleek, stomach-slimming pants with wide waistband are a must-have. If you’re interested in finding out more, you would like to read this article that gives you more insight into picking the right pair of tummy tuck slimming pants.  

Bend, Stretch and Stay Comfortable with Margaret M Tummy Tuck Pants

At Margaret M, we use shape-enhancing panel technology for all our tummy tuck slimming pants. This is a great choice for those who are looking to create a slimming illusion around their waistline, thighs, and hips. Tummy tuck slimming pants are a great choice for every occasion. They make look 10 pounds slimmer and lengthens your figure as well as flatter your curves. Now, that you are armed with enough information, you can get started with your online shopping spree. Add versatility and quality to your fashion collection. With Margaret M, tummy tuck slimming pants are trendy and will suit most body types. Find the best pants for your body type online today!
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How Slim Pants Should fit?

How Slim Pants Should fit?

Do you have a go-to pair of slim trousers that are desk-to-dinner in your wardrobe? Every woman needs her favorite pair of well-fitting slimming pants. But, does perfect slim fit pant exist? How should it fit? Is it too baggy or too tight? Have you wondered how slim-fitting pants should actually fit your body? Women often complain about ill-fitting, unflattering, and uncomfortable pants. 
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How to Pick Slimming Pants?

How to Pick Slimming Pants?

If you are new to the world of slimming pants, finding the right pair that fits your body type can be a difficult decision to make. There are so many styles, cuts and trends to choose from. This season, we want to help you shop better, which is why we have put together a style guide on how to pick slimming pants. As the style experts, we can recommend you the best fit for your body type. Let's get started! 
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