Slimming Pants

Our guiding principals for our slimming pants:

  • Versatility is key to streamlining your wardrobe; 
  • Quality will assure you comfort and easy care;
  • And fit is everything.

Slimming Pants: Where Slender Meets Style

At work, a night out with friends or even just for walking, Margaret M’s slimming pants fit the bill.  They’re comfortable and flattering to your figure, so you can feel good and look good, making them a must-have in your wardrobe. To help you in your search for the perfect body, all our pants feature a tummy tuck to give your figure a flattering slimming effect that keeps you looking at your best.

16 results
Amy Black Wide Leg Pant
Amy Stripped Wide Leg Pant
Kelly Bootcut Slimming Pant
Marlie Arrow Slimming Pant
Marlie Black Slimming Pant
Marlie Denim Slimming Pant
Marlie Gingham Slimming Pant
Marlie Midnight Sky Slimming Pant
Marlie Navy Slimming Pant
Marlie Stripped Slimming Pant
Marlie Tiny Polka Dots Slimming Pant
Marlie Tribal Slimming Pant
Tracey Beige Geo Diamond Skinny Slimming Pant
Tracey Black Skinny Slimming Pant
Tracey Geo Diamond Skinny Slimming Pant
Tracey Navy Skinny Slimming Pant
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