Marlie Optical Dot Slimming Pant

$79.00 USD

Ref: #953
Product: Slimming Pant
Base Fabric: Millenium
Composition: 75% RAYON / 21% NYLON / 4% SPANDEX
Color: Blue / White

Fit: Straight Leg

Made in Canada


The Marlie Blue/White Slimming Pants are an incredible blend of elegant and comfort. Spend the day looking good on the outside while feeling great in your clothes. The small front pocket and the larger back one make it easy to store personal items on-the-go.

A tummy tuck feature is included in all our pants, giving your figure a flattering slimming effect that keeps you looking at your best.

The Marlie Blue/White Slimming pants are designed with the latest stretch fabric technology—a 75% rayon, 25% nylon and 4% spandex blend—to give your body an astounding feel and ease of movement.

Style tip: Wear these pants with a classic navy blue shirt and high heels for a guaranteed elegant office look.


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