Lucy Blue A-Line Skirt

$79.00 USD

Ref: #955
Product: A-Line Skirt
Base Fabric: Millenium
Composition: 75% RAYON / 21% NYLON / 4% SPANDEX
Color: Blue / White


We’re very proud of our Lucy Blue A-Line Skirt, which, like all our products, is made in Canada. Cut just above the knee, this skirt fits the bill for many occasions—professional and social alike.

Thanks to its blue colour and material, this skirt is ideal for summer: 75% rayon, 25% nylon and 4% spandex blend—the perfect combo for a skirt that’s both pretty and practical.

Style tip: Whether you wear the Lucy Blue with heels or flats, a formal or looser blouse, you’re guaranteed a gorgeous look.

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