$79.00 USD

Ref: #672
Product: Pencil Skirt
Base Fabric: Millenium
Composition: 75% RAYON / 21% NYLON / 4% SPANDEX
Color: Silver


Meet the pencil skirt that will add style and elegance to your figure without compromising comfort. Its just-below-the-knee length makes it a must for any professional’s closet, and the skirt’s modest slit allow you all the movement you need.

The skirt is made from a high-quality mix of 75% rayon, 25% nylon and 4% spandex blend.

The Katie Silver comes in a subtle grey, and is versatile enough to be worn for many different occasions while always commanding the same attention.

Style tip: High heels add length to your legs, so combine this skirt with stilettos and look and feel taller. This skirt will also match most of your tops. 

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