Marlie Blue Tile Slimming Pant

$99.00 USD
Ref: #106
Product: Slimming Pant
Base Fabric: Millenium
Composition: 75% RAYON / 21% NYLON / 4% SPANDEX
Color: Blue
Fit: Straight Leg
Made in Canada


Have an appointment with a new client? Want to make a first great impression? Get ready to turn heads with your hot new look.

You’re a strong, independent and ambitious woman who deserves a pant that feels good. The Marlie Blue Tile Slimming Pant is all about unique and modern. Its fitted cut and soft fabric complement your curves while allowing you to face the world with comfort and confidence.

  • Tummy tuck
  • Front penny pocket
  • Slit at bottom exterior
  • Back pocket
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