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Margaret M Slimming Bootcut Pants

Do you own a pair of Margaret M Slimming Bootcut Pants? We think our slimming pants are a must in every woman’s wardrobe! Why? Because we have created pants that combine versatility, quality, and a perfect fit for every modern woman. When we add new slimming bootcut pants to our collection, these are the three key elements that we keep in mind:

  • A superior versatility in order to streamline your wardrobe;
  • High-quality materials so your pants are just as comfortable as they are easy to care for;
  • And finally, a fit for every body type.

It’s time for you to stop having to choose between comfort and fashion. Our revolutionary slimming bootcut pants are made of a material that is just as comfortable as it is stylish. With our impressive choice of patterns, we can confidently say that you can wear our slimming pants for any occasion!

At Margaret M, our goal is to keep improving and creating styles to fit every modern woman’s taste. After years of hard work, we’ve created what we believe to be the perfect slimming bootcut pants collection. We are proud to say that we have finally reached our goal and created a pair of slimming pants that are just as comfortable as they are fashionable!

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Just read the many positive reviews our happy customers have posted on our Facebook page, as well as on other social media sites! We are confident that if you shop with us you will find a pair of slimming bootcut pants that are the perfect match for you! Once you try them on, it will be love at first fit! Furthermore, all of our pants are equipped with the best tummy tuck control available on the market. It’s time to treat yourself to a pair of pants that will revolutionize the way you shop for clothes! You can now be ultra-comfortable and fashionable! As an added bonus, if your goal was to make your hips, thighs, and belly look a couple of sizes thinner, our slimming bootcut pants are exactly what you’ve beenwaiting for!

Visit our online boutique to create your perfect look with our slimming bootcut pants. Picking your favorite will be the hardest part, we promise!


Why Choose Margaret M’s Slimming Bootcut Pants

An Impressive Variety of Styles

Did you know that our team of designers could create up to 50 exclusive prints a season? No wonder we can say with confidence that we have a style for every woman! We have created many patterns and use a wide range of colors that we’re sure there’s a pair of slimming bootcut pants for you in our boutique! If you wanted a pair of pants that you could wear to your child’s soccer game as well as to a business meeting, we have the slimming pants you were waiting for. Our pants will quickly become a must in your wardrobe!

The Highest Quality Standards

Only premium materials are selected to create our slimming bootcut pants. We use the best memory stretch material so it can hold your body in just the right places. It also helps a lot with tummy tuck control as well as the shaping of your hips and thighs. We are convinced that your belly, hips, and thighs will never look as good as they do in a pair of our slimming bootcut pants!

Furthermore, we believe that fashion shouldn’t be at the expense of comfort, which is why, in addition to our memory stretch material, we have added a tummy tuck control that is both comfortable and miraculous! You’ll easily look a couple of sizes thinner and you can forget about your belly bump!

The Perfect Fit for Every Woman

At Margaret M, our mission was to create a pair of pants that could fit every woman. We’re proud to say that we have succeeded! Not only can you choose from an impressive variety of patterns and styles, but our pants are going to fit you like a glove! Plus, you can now pull that neglected blouse from the back of your closet, because we are convinced you can easily pair it with one of our life-changing slimming pants!

It’s time for you to be as gorgeous as you always wanted to be. Treat yourself to a timeless look by getting a pair of Margaret M’s revolutionary slimming bootcut pants. That way, you’ll be able to be both comfortable and fashionable, no matter the occasion! It’s a gift from you … to you!


We offer free shipping!

Shopping in a physical store can oftentimes lead to disappointment and frustration, which is why we offer free shipping and a free return policy! That way, you can try on our pants in the comfort of your home and if you aren’t satisfied, you can return them for free! Save yourself time and energy by ordering through our online boutique!

For any and all questions concerning our slimming bootcut pants, do not hesitate to contact us today. You can reach us at +1 (514) 385-3122 or by email at We will be happy to take your call and answer all of your questions!

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